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A quick PSA, because working in a New Age store I realize a lot of people don’t know this.  Keep in mind this is the simple version.

The fella on the left-hand side, that’s Gautama Buddha, the Buddha, the central figure in Buddhism.  Note that he is not considered a god, but a teacher and spiritual leader, the first to attain Enlightenment in his era.  Note also how thin he is.  This is because the Buddha fasted a lot.  He was born Siddhartha Gautama.  Buddha is a title, and not actually his name.

The fella on the right-hand side is not Buddha.  This is a common misconception in the West.  That is Hotai (or Budai or Hotei depending on the language), a Buddhist monk from China and folkloric hero.  Hotai is thought by many to be a Buddha, but he is not the Buddha.  Unlike Buddha, Hotai actually is revered as a god in Chinese folklore, although not in Buddhist practice.

This post is based on things I’ve been taught by my Buddhist coworker but if I forgot or mixed up something important and you are Buddhist and you notice, please let me know.

This has been an informational post.  Have a nice day.



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You do not have to be a witch to practice magic

You do not have to study to practice magic

You do not have to worship a deity to practice magic

You do not have to abide by any rules to practice magic

You do not have to have a ton of ingredients to practice magic

You do not have to be pagan to practice magic

You do not have to be Wiccan to practice magic

You do not have to be white to practice magic

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Free Today on Kindle: Lucid Dreaming Guide


Free Today on Kindle: Lucid Dreaming Guide


Something I made for myself to deal with a thing and give me a little more clarity. It’s not exactly clear as crystal, but it gives me a light where previously I was stumbling in the dark.


Something I made for myself to deal with a thing and give me a little more clarity. It’s not exactly clear as crystal, but it gives me a light where previously I was stumbling in the dark.


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Aura work: An argument against the case of “seeing” it


So, a question from thefaeriegarden wandered across my dash that basically asked how does one do the aura  … thing based on this post.

Welp, let’s dive in.


What is aura?
Aura is the energy bubble that surrounds your body (or any body essentially), that is emitted from you *point*. Whether it comes from your heart, or it’s your astral body’s emission, or body heat is up to debate. 

more likely than not, you can’t see it.
I’m just going to say it like that. Even if you claim to see it, that’s not my business, know that it is absolutely okay not to be able to see your aura or anyone else’s. Not everyone has synthesia. Again … that’s okay.

"But St., if I can’t see it, how do I do the thing?"

You feel the thing—

"But St., what if I can’t even feel the thing?"

We can work on that as well.

See, whether or not you can see or feel the thing, you have evidence that the thing exists. If you are inside your domicile, staring at this post, then you are not feeling the wind or seeing it ruffle the trees. People will come and tell you it’s windy. The news will say it was windy. The garbage can you forgot to bring in is going to tell you it was windy.

With aura, science has taken a crack at this energy field that surrounds our being. There are sources online and in scientific journals that explore the subject. People have made steps to prove that auras exist.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it means you have to buy into it. You have to buy into the existence of this thing that you can’t see or feel… kinda like bacteria for those of us who went to schools too poor to afford microscopes …  or books with pictures. 

Ok… so to reiterate, it is absolutely okay and possible to work with your aura despite not being able to see it. It is even okay to work with your aura even if you can’t feel it.

So, how do you do the thing?

Visualization practice.

"But St., I suck at visualization."

That’s okay, too. I’ll get back to that, let me finish this first thought, though. 

Visualizing your aura is just as legit as “actually” seeing it, because in my experience, your visualization of your aura is the first step in changing you aura. What I typically tell people is that the first color that appears in their mind’s eye for that split second, is probably the correct color of their aura. Sometimes you get a flash of color before you change it to the color you desire. Some people always see blue. Some always see a flash a pink, brown, yellow, etc. Then it goes away to whatever your desired color is. 

Here’s an exercise that you can try right now:
Close your eyes. And without thinking of a color, visualize a bubble around you…  what color was that bubble? That’s your aura color at the moment.

If you can’t visualize, as in you cannot conjure a picture in your brain or “mind’s eye”, please don’t fret. Visualization is probably one of the most limited term used in magical studies. I hate it.

I’m asking you to “sense” your way through your visualization. Some people are more tactile than others. Some people are more auditory. Not everyone uses “eyes” to get information from the world. You have more senses than that. So, next time you make an attempt to visualize something and an image doesn’t appear, pay attention to the other sensations that do appear. If you’re visualizing an ocean, do you smell the salt? Do you hear the waves crashing? Do you feel the humidity? <—- those are legit feelings. Those are just as, if not more, important than “seeing”. 
Your first step in aura work, is to figure out how you sense the world and how you “visualize”.

The rest just falls into place. Molding your aura is either visualizing the shapes that surround you or float around in your energy goop, or using your hands to feel around you and manually shape items in your aura and around, or hearing them pop into existence, or smell things like fur, clay, etc.

Everything takes practice. It’s okay to customize that practice to fit your needs. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Now my methods may not fit with everyone. That’s okay. These are just suggestions. Nothing here is law. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.


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Springtime in Texas

Took a drive into the hill country to see the wildflowers and found this little spot at sunset. I could have stayed here for hours.

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Affecting People on the Internet


Magickal disciplines have been around for centuries, all except this one. Why? The Internet in its current form has only been in existence for about 15 years or so, making this a still budding discipline.

Yes, it is possible to cast a spell on someone whom you know only as a screen name and/or IM buddy. It’s not that much different from affecting someone who is standing next to you in real life.

You need no tools, no props, no special ceremonies or special words of power. All you need is your trained will. As always, this is the key to successful magick.

And now, allow me to give you some theoretical background. When you cast a spell, what do you do? You raise the power, you chant the chants, you channel that into your desire, you add any emotions you may be feeling, you state your purpose and you send that energy off. But where does that energy go? Is it a physical thing? Does it actually drain out of you?

It has been theorized by magickians and alchemists that there is a plane that lies right on top of ours called the “etheric” plane, that this plane is part of the physical world, but that it connects everything on this plane with everything else. It is the Etheric plane that makes things like telepathy and precognition possible, that made people like Edgar Cayce capable of doing cold readings on people he never met. The Etheric is an energetic plane, meaning that it is composed of energy, transmitted and stored energy. Changing the state of the energy HERE has a ripple effect on all the rest of the energy on the Etheric, just as pouring water into a bowl changes the volume of water in that bowl. Or how moving your hand quickly underwater will cause a wave that can be felt by someone several feet away.

When dealing with cyber realms however, you must keep in mind that the place you are interacting in is a fiction of your mind. As a place in space/time, it does not exist. It is only a “room” that exists as far as your mind is concerned. If believing that it is real helps you interact with someone the it’s a good thing, but you and the person you are with are NOT standing in a room talking with your voices. What is it then?

It is electricity. Electrical impulses flow from your computer to another’s computer, and it goes back and forth like that. The information, idea, you type on your keyboard creates a digital and binary counterpart in cyberspace, which is then sent through the electric matrix of the Internet to another’s computer when that electronic counterpart is displayed as part of their screen. In the process, it may pass through thousands of miles of cable, copper, fiber optic, telephone, electrical, maybe even a satellite bounce or two, or a microwave transmission. If you are lucky enough to have wireless communication, you don’t even have to plug into anything. Just think, all around you could be hundreds of conversations of things like boyfriends and Insurance going on right now.

Are you seeing the comparison yet? If we treat the Internet as the old magickians treated the Etheric plane, then we have a ready-made connection to each other that has been explored for centuries. All we have to do is cast our spell and add it to the æthers. It’s an energetic structure specifically designed to facilitate transmission of energy from one person to another over great distances without signal loss. In other words, the perfect medium for spells.

Many people (including me) have noticed a similarity between electricity and magickal energy. If one were to feel the metaphysical qualities of electricity, the results could be shocking. <Wink> Seriously though, I want those who are reading this to reach out with a mental hand toward the closest electrical outlet right now. This should be the same sense or “hand” you use when judging your own energy work in ritual and so on. What you should be feeling is a stronger energy, a LOT stronger, more ordered, more “tame”, certainly more forceful and better organized than the usual magical energy you are use to dealing with. If I were to describe it I might say that energy raised in a ritual using standard Wiccan techniques may be a lake, but this would be like standing in the way of a fire hose stream of water. That can be used when casting spells on the Internet.

Think for just a second. If you send a letter through the Internet, it has to go through something like 20 computers and possibly up to 40 routers (a computer who’s sole function it is to direct Internet traffic) to get to the destination point. Each of those is powered by electricity. Simply having the spell pull a few kilowatts from each point and add that energy to itself will harm nothing while increasing the power behind your spell. Heck, if you look, many files can be spells on web pages, operating in just this manner, but hidden from many who would be looking for them, adding energy to itself every time it’s accessed.

For instance, you create a web page in HTML. That page resides in ones and zeros on some server someplace. In that file you add some strings of text that are commented out (so the browser doesn’t display them to the viewer) but each time that page is accessed, it tracks over that commented section and reads it. Each time it’s read, a little energy gets added to that spell. With a popular enough site, that could add up to hundreds of thousands of reads of that one spell a day, each adding just a little power to the spell, but over the course of a month, that really adds up.

I have something like that on my site. It’s a ward. Simple and effective, it prevents idiots from coming to my site. It makes sure that only those with an open mind and intelligence can find Daven’s Journal. I really hate dealing with fuckwits, and this repels them.

I know of one lady who has wards cast around her Yahoo Group, and effective ones they are too. She keeps the “shape” of the group in a “pattern” and outside that pattern are the wards that keep those who won’t fit that pattern out. Even those who find the group subscribe and so on, one of two things happen, either they change to fit that pattern or they leave. And what is a spell ultimately except a consciously chosen mental pattern?

These are just a few examples of spells on the Internet. Now, to explain how this can affect people on the ‘net.

Let me ask you, when you do a spell on a person, what are you affecting ultimately? Is it their name? Their hair? Their body (sometimes)? Or in the long run is it their spirit and soul? Most people will answer, the soul. Okay, if that’s the case, then where is the Soul? A-ha! Got you.

A soul is basically treated, for purposes of this, as just another component of the Internet. I mean, a soul has no substance, you can’t point to it and say “That’s a soul.” and you can’t weigh it. So, in concept, the soul is just as etherial as the Internet. Yes, a soul also exists on the Etherial plane and can be affected through the æthers just like any other substance or chance or fate.

So, casting a spell ON someone is simply a matter of targeting the soul instead of the physicality of that person. Instead of casting the spell and directing it by means of a fingernail or a hair, you cast it and direct it at the persona or personality of the person.

If I were to cast a spell on a friend of mine, Grinwithin, I would direct it at her scintillating personality, her high intelligence, her relationship with BatCat_dom, her as a follower of Sakhmet, organizer of the New Jersey Pagan Pride, one who is being stalked, non-Wiccan. All those make up the person I know of as Grinwithin. It is nowhere near close to all she is, but it’s close enough in this case that the spell will take affect on her. That isolates her from the mass of humanity who may have similar qualities, but being that precise will mask out others.

From there, it’s simply a matter of Will again, like every other spell. All this applies to spells via Astral Projection as well. The SAME arguments I just gave you for an Internet spell also work for an Astral spell, with the sole exception being the digression on electricity. In this case, a spell on the Astral Plane can simply be hooked into the Astral Plane, and since that’s where all the magickal energy comes from in the first place, it’s kind of a moot point.

I hope this article has helped you to understand that it’s not distance that matters, it’s not meeting the person in the flesh that matters, it is the willpower of the caster and some kind of knowledge of the “target”. Granted, it helps immensely if you have met a person in the flesh, but ultimately it’s unnecessary. Why do untargeted love spells work? Why do untargeted spells like wards and shields work? It is the same reason, you don’t have to know or meet a person in order for them to have been affected by a spell.

I have personally participated in Cyber Circles, online Healings and other spells and rituals done in Cyberspace. In one AOL chatroom, a lady we all cared for had a huge back problem, we all got together and directed energy at her, specifically at her back to heal her. After about 10 minutes of this, she related to us that she nearly passed out from the sheer amount of energy bombarding her. There were about 30 of us in the chatroom at that time. Two days later, a slipped disk (requiring surgery) inexplicably slipped back in place and fixed itself.

In another incident, my wife and I were chatting with a mutual friend in a private chat room. We cast a cyber circle, and did an initiation on him. He (who had been a practicing pagan for better than 20 years) said that it was THE most powerful ritual he had ever been at, he came close to blacking out.

Both my wife and I had the Gods descend and participate. I was channeling Herne, my wife Rhiannon. He also had about 5 MAJOR omens hit him within about 20 minutes afterward. One of them was a 20-point deer walking up to the window he was sitting at, look in at him and staying there. When he saw the deer, his reflection in the window showed him wearing the deer’s antlers. Major stuff.

So, yes, this is a powerful thing that can be done, penultimately effective if you want it to be. It’s not something to be played with, but it can be one of the most powerful rituals there is.


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I was worried about reading this 22 page thing to summarize it and then I realized it’s summarized itself in the headings of each section thank you Bullshitticus for your bountiful blessings

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Description: Used to heal relatively minor injuries. When this spell is cast, the person feels his/her injured body part go very hot and then very cold. (x.)

Supplies: a piece of paper, a writing utensil, access to a microwave, access to a freezer, a small bowl of water.

* * Optional: You can coordinate the color of your writing utensil and/or paper to the goal of healing. (Some associate green with healing, but this spell will use ‘fire’ and ‘water’, so blue, red, or purple (as a mix of the two) could also be used.)

Write what you want to be healed on the piece of paper, or come up with a sigil to represent healing. (If your tradition/morals require permission, get that before doing this spell on another person.) If it’s for you, you can just put your name.

Fold up the paper, so it’s really tiny and can survive being microwaved. You can say that X will be healed, or you can just say “Episkey”. Microwave; this may require some practice before doing this (because microwave wattages differ, and my offered time may be too long for you). If you would like to, you can imagine whatever X is being healed from being burnt away while this happens.

The goal is to have enough seconds to heat up the paper but not enough to catch the paper on fire. I’ve heard that 7 seconds works, but err on the side of caution if necessary.

Put the paper in the bowl of water and place it in the freezer. Leave in there long enough for the water to completely turn to ice. If you want, this can freeze away anything that wasn’t burnt away by the microwave.

When the goal is achieved, or you need to use your freezer room (or whatever), just take the bowl out and let it melt. Dispose of the contents.

*Note* This is offered for healing, but do not forget to take practical measures (if applicable). You can still opt to include the hot/cold component and adjust for warm/cooler depending on the physical injury. Something muscular may include this component in a massage. (It really just depends on what is being healed.) **