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A magic blog for the dawning mage in me as well as spirtual-ness. Will include but not be limited to: paganism, polytheism, magic, witchcraft, and the occasional pretty picture.

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The Amulets of Bastet back patches by Adrienne Rozzi for Poison Apple Printshop.


The Amulets of Bastet back patches by Adrienne Rozzi for Poison Apple Printshop.

Prosperity Talisman


-for anyone that needs to bring a little prosperity into their lives-

Gather the following items:-
Green candle, parchment paper/greaseproof paper, patchouli oil, dried basil, a sharp knife, needle and some green thread or ribbon.

  • Light the candle and drip some wax in a circle on the paper
  • Add a single drop of the patchouli oil and a pinch of the basil before it starts to dry
  • Whilst the wax is still malleable, use the needle and create a hole in the top of the wax talisman
  • Once the wax has hardened, inscribe it with a simple currency symbol (whichever is appropriate for your country)
  • Thread the ribbon/string through the hole and hang either on/near your altar/sacred space, keep in your bag/purse/wallet or wherever you feel is appropriate

Marie Bruce.  Candle Burning Rituals.


No magic


No magic

Resources to Start Learning Local Plants


  • USDA Plant Catalog - search by region, state and a number of categories. Actually this whole site is really good.
  • Search in Google “[your state]” and “ODA noxious weeds.”
  • Thumb through wild plant guides for free on Google Books.
  • There’s also the Native Plants Database, searchable by scientific name, region, etc.
  • A number of universities have agricultural, landscaping and botanical sites where you can search for information specific to the region. Check out the sites of your local universities.
  • Erowid allows you to cross reference entheogenic/drug information about plants.
  • The very neat database Plants for a Future documents edible and medicinal plants specifically.
  • The upper 500s, specifically the 580s in the library is the botanical section.

Be smart, be safe and enjoy!

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dragonschilde asked: If you don't mind my asking, how do you design your sigils? I really like the style that you have. I've tired a few different methods for creating sigils and so far I haven't found any that resonate with me.



Since I was already in the process of making a sigil, I just recorded the steps I use. I hope this helps