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Ah Animorphs, an old childhood favorite of mine! This spread is based on the morphing capabilities of the main characters. I consider this more of an ‘about you’ spread rather than one that answers questions or gives advice.
Card 1) Main Battle Morph: Your usual mode of attack, this is how you usually approach things.
Card 2) Alternate Battle Morph: If the first method isn’t working out or practical, this is the next thing you usually try.
Card 3) Flight Morph: How you prefer to observe a situation, level of planning, etc. 
Card 4) Insect Morph: How you deal with alien situations and being out of your depth.
Card 5) Morph Allergy: This is something you’re trying that just isn’t working, that just isn’t you or going to fit in with everything else. Something that needs to be purged from you and confronted before you can leave it behind.

As Always please let me know if you try it, I’d love to see it and get any feedback you have! If you would like to get a reading from me, this spread included, please look over my shop at Iced Shadows Tarot.
  • 8 September 2013
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